Forget Me Not

I met an interesting man this week.  The conversation was great and I hope to discuss Christianity with him more in the future.  But this conversation convicted me.  I was reminded of someone I “met” a few years ago (I’ve never met her in person).  You see I have not been praying for her each day like I should have been.  And I should have been praying even more now that she is a new mother and the struggles that come with motherhood.  Thankfully the dad is active in the parenting from what I can tell – they live together but are not married.

There is never a shortage of people to pray for and God guides our lives to pray for those who need it most.  Yet sometimes we still fail to do what we should.  That sinful nature just keeps getting in the way.  It has really brought me great joy the past few days to pray for this lady, her new baby, and boyfriend.  I am most concerned about her salvation.  Her beliefs have changed since I first met her but she is still not a believer.  The boyfriend claims to be a believer so I pray there is some influence in their lives to awaken their spirits.

I remember thinking about all the great ways God could use this lady.  I do not remember the specific ways but that they would be different and uniquely suited for her and those in her life.  It was such an amazing picture of the body of Christ being worked out with and in her life.

This just brought a good thought pattern to mind.  Must search it out.