For The Sake Of

In between Psalm 22 and 24 is, you guessed it, 23.  This is, of course, one of the more famous chapters and often quoted for the Christian consumers.  I tried not to let that hinder my meditation on the chapter.

Psalm 23:3 – He restores my strength.  He leads me down the right paths for the sake of his reputation.

The first thing I noticed as I read was “for the sake of his reputation”.  I just looked at that and thought about my life.  Everything God has done in my life is for the sake of His reputation.  It really made me think.  Please Lord, glorify Your name with my life.  Use me.  I kept looking at the verses and noticed something else.  He takes me.  He leads me.  He restores my strength.  He leads me.  God sure is doing a lot.  And He is doing it all for His reputation.