Five Love Languages

My sister recommended a book last summer and actually gave me a copy – The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  Someone I knew was having difficulty with their relationship at the time so I gave it to them before I read it. Then I saw a post from Jason about the book so I broke down and bought it this past week and read it.

It was a very good book. After church this morning, the kids and I talked about the five different love languages according to this book – Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. After discussion I asked them which one was me – no pause from Kristen – Quality Time. Kristen then said she was Quality Time too. Blaine said he liked hugs (Physical Touch).  We also talked about Kara’s language and decided it was Words of Encouragement.

The whole conversation was pretty brief but I always enjoy listening to the kids think about things.  Their minds are so sharp.  Yes, I am biased.

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