Fifteen Shekels

Yes I am going to blame the summer season on not posting.  While there were many times of devotion and discussion over the summer, the kids and I did not make any progress on our in-depth study of Hosea.  I guess that’s what I’m going to call it since we spent several weeks on just the first two chapters.  So last night we began again on chapter three.

Hosea 3:2 – So I paid fifteen shekels of silver and about seven bushels of barley to purchase her.

After reading the five verses in chapter 3, I asked a lot of leading questions like I always do.  I think the first question was “What is the theme of the Bible?” and Kristen’s response was “Jesus?”.  I said yes let’s expound on that.  Blaine said “He died on the cross for our sins.”  Now we are getting somewhere.

Jesus redeems the elect.  He pays the price for our sins so we can be made right with the holy God.  There is nothing we have done to deserve this or earn this redemption.  In the same way we see Hosea redeeming – purchasing – his wife even though she did not deserve it either.

I am not always wise enough to be able to preach the gospel message from every section of scripture but sometimes God just lays it out there.  Always thankful for His redemption.