Fame, Honor, and Praise

I have been reading Revelation 4 and 5 quite a bit.  I have been reading it out loud.  If you do it right, it will lift your spirit in worship to the one true God.

This morning as I continued to read Jeremiah, I had a few verses pop out at me.  The last half of Jeremiah 13:11:

I intended for them to be my special people and to bring me fame, honor, and praise.

To bring me fame, honor, and praise.  Then later in the first part of Jeremiah 14:21:

For the honor of your name

I wonder why God selects verses for our minds at different times.  I realize He is teaching me even when I am not aware of it but why the verses He gives each day.  How they relate and combine to form a picture of a holy God worthy of fame, honor, and praise is amazing.

If you combine this with what He was showing me yesterday, I am reminded that in all circumstances the glory goes to God.  Yesterday after my normal reading, I read the book of Ephesians.  There are always good things to learn from a straight through reading and yesterday was “to the praise of His glory”.  This was not new to me but renewed in me.

The last three days have seemed less sad.  I told the kids last night that it felt like the “normal amount of sadness” that I live in as if I was out of this bout of depression.  I do not say this as confirmation of freedom (I wonder if I could ever really be free – thorn in my side).  Kristen thought it was funny how I speak of levels of sadness.  It is rather amusing when I think about it.

Went to visit Bethany and Dustin last night.  Bethany does not want to return to work and the level of “worry” over things that do not matter causes her to melt down.  After a few hours, the kids and I began to leave and she commented about the peace in the house.  She pointed it out to Dustin.  They had the girls plus Eli so there should have been madness but it was calm.  Just now I think about Jesus telling His disciples to allow their peace to come upon the houses they enter.  I wonder if God gives that gift to people today.

When we got home, we rented Inside Out.  None of us had seen it.  The tears were flowing, at least from my eyes.  Good movie.

In Jeremiah 13:17, Jeremiah said “I will weep alone because of your arrogant pride.”  Yes, that was also one of the verses God gave me this morning.  Weep alone.  Always alone.  Those last four words were the note on the verse from today.

I need to pray my Psalm as best I can and start breakfast.  Today is a Blizzard kind of day.