Everything and Nothing

I decided I want to be a math nerd.  Math has always been an interesting topic to read about and I understand some fundamental elements of it but there are things much deeper.

I read a math article yesterday and another this morning.  Then I saw a TED talk on math this morning.  I thought about it for moments on end.  How much fun would that be.  To see things in math because we know life boils down to math and science.  Yes, really just math but I like using both words.  As the moments rolled on in my head, I thought about one other language I wanted to know, Greek.

You would think someone with as much time as I have would know dozens of languages.  God just did not seem fit to give me some abilities.

One of the things God gave me that I appreciate most is time.  I see and hear other people that do not have time and realize just how much God has really given me.  I find it difficult to grasp how these people do not have time but I try to accept it.  It is not easy.  There are many things like this that I do not understand.  I may never understand them.

It is almost lunch time.  I am thinking about seeking out some pain.  I imagine that will taste good – blazin’ sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings.  I will probably talk myself out of it before I even get that far.