Everyone Has A Story

Recently I was having a conversation with a college group.  I like to ask questions and listen.  After introductions I asked them to tell me a Jesus story.

The first lady (Jessica) told me how she was prompted to pray for someone for five month.  From what I understand she didn’t know this individual that well but she was obedient and prayed.  After about five months she was prompted to let the individual know about her prayers for him.  About a year later he called her up and thanked her and shared that the time she was praying for him was a very difficult time in his life.  Great story.

The next lady (Rebecca) shared about her prompting to help develop an actual community of Christians.  How God provided a house for her and her friend to develop this community.  College students coming and going all the time and how the younger students didn’t remember a time when the community didn’t exist.

The third lady (TN – Not sure how to spell her name but it is pronounced T-N) shared about her conversion.  How her parents had got upset and she no longer felt welcome.  But over the past two years God has used her conversion in her family’s life.  It was just amazing.

The final lady I spoke with (Shadora) began to share a story involving TN’s family that we really didn’t get to finish.  But as I was reflecting on the night, I was reminded of that saying again “Everyone has a story”.  It is always nice to be reminded of this.  It is difficult for me to understand where people are in their lives because I do not know where they come from.  And many times I want them to be in a different place than they are (as if I had any say in the matter).  This is probably why God has me ask questions and listen – to remind me.

I hope to see this group again tomorrow so I can hear more of their stories.