Every Monday Morning

On a recent Sunday I was at a birthday party.  I got to visit with a friend for part of that time.  We became very close while we were going through our respective divorces many years ago.  She has since remarried and we continue to be good friends.  As I reflected on our conversation, it was just simple and open.  I didn’t have to hide anything nor did I care to.  She knew me at one of the darkest times of my life and just understood.  Even now she still understands.

We don’t get to see each other often but every Monday morning during the school year I send her a text just wishing her a good week or whatever comes to mind.  Yes, she puts up with some kookie texts from me.  It is a very simple joy in my life.  And it brings a smile to my face as I type up the message each Monday morning.  This is a reason why I love Mondays.

I love her.  I do not really know how to describe the love.  It isn’t a romantic love.  It really isn’t a familial love.  It is just love.  She is probably the person I am most open with in my life.  I could talk to her about anything and never be concerned about what she thinks of me because I know she loves me too.

Our relationship was born under harsh conditions and this may be one reason why it is so strong in my life.  There are so many days when I am just thankful for her.  I love to lift her up in prayer.  I was very glad for the visit with her.  It helped me remember a little bit about love.