Even Still

I was brainstorming a few weeks back.  After the second board, I stopped for the day.  I had ended with questions and did not know how to proceed.  The first question was “Change them to what?” – or change the rules to what.  And the second question was “Where is this point?” – with regards to a statement I had made about needing a new starting point.

The next day I started with “Change the Rules!”.  I have no idea what that means.  Change them to what?  Why must everything change?  What rules?  The rules of engagement, business, or life?  What does it mean?  No clue!  Be different – even still.  You know when you pull out the “even still” you are in trouble.  Even still!  Because different is not different enough?  Nope.  What you are is not enough.

Many times we do not know what is possible.  We have to change the perspective – shift to a different location.  If only I knew how to do this.

Even still…