Even Less Fun

Well the kids and I had even less fun this weekend.  We drove to Dallas Friday (Comic Con) and they had their picture taken with Billie Piper from the beloved Doctor Who.  Then Saturday we got her autograph.  Kristen was beside herself.  She told Billie she liked her shoes and Billie responded with a comment about she liked them too but would be paying for it later.  I do not recall ever seeing her that happy before.  I was just so excited watching her.  We framed it when we got home and now it is hanging on the wall.


Then came Blaine’s turn with Carrie “freakin” Fisher.  Yes that is his excited face.  We didn’t have an opportunity to get her autograph.  By the time we got to the line it was for tickets only plus our photo op wasn’t until later so she wouldn’t have signed this picture.  Blaine was fine with that.  If we happen to go to another event and she happens to be there then we will get it signed then.  He told me next year I needed to work on getting Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford together with Carrie Fisher.


It really was an amazing weekend.  It was exhausting but worth it.