Even If No One Listens

Last week as I was writing, I realized that I write so that God will be glorified in my life even if no one listens (or reads).  I often think that this is a waste of time.  Honestly I feel most of my life is a waste but that is based on not fully understanding how to glorify God in my vocation (and beyond the scope of what I want to write here).  Feeling that way makes me want to quit, no matter if it is writing or my job.

I know I wrote it down recently but I’m not sure if I posted it.  God did not care if anyone listened to Jeremiah.  He did not care if they listened to Isaiah.  In both cases God knew the people would not listen.  In some of our cases, God knows we will not be heard.  It is difficult for God to be glorified when what we write to glorify Him never leaves pen and paper for others to see.  So many words trapped in my mind or on paper never to be seen by anyone.  But I write anyway.

Even if no one listens.