Engage The Culture

I was watching another sermon by Lacrae recently.  It was over engaging the culture for Jesus.  One thing he said was along the lines of Christians are afraid that the culture is going to jump on them and get them dirty.  I thought that was a pretty accurate thought.  I do not think this is taught directly but growing up in church we see this indirectly.  It is segregation from sin and this means segregation from sinners.

This is really not possible because we are all sinners.  But the feeling I remember growing up in church was that it was understood that Christians were “better”.  Now I know that the only difference is that Christians are redeemed.  So if the only difference is that we are redeemed then why the segregation?

I also really enjoyed that he talked about being a missionary where you are – as a lawyer or accountant.  Christians struggle seeing the world from a biblical view and living out their faith in their daily lives.  I have been asked many times why I don’t go to seminary or some type of full time ministry.  My answer has been that hopefully God will use me as an example of being a missionary in my whole life outside what most people consider full time ministry (pastors, priests, para-church organizations, etc.).  It seems that this is a need the Christian faith has and God has positioned me to do my best at just that.  Glory to God!

If you are interested in those topics then I recommend it.  See below.