Emotional First Aid

It seems like when I get one good TED talk, I stumble upon a dozen more.  I watched one on depression last night.  It was rather long but it was so worth it.  There was a section where he talked about indigent depression which was rather fascinating.  I tracked down the article he referenced this morning and read it.  I am not sure why I find all this interesting.  I think it will go good in the entirety of things I am moving towards.  Whatever it is God has me moving towards.

This lead to others but the one I really want to share was on emotional first aid.

I woke my kids up early this morning (earlier than they needed to wake up) to watch it and have a discussion.  OK so there was not much discussion on this video (not like the previous one) but it is good information.  I found the portion on rumination to be good.  I remember dwelling on things for days or weeks.  Even having them return months later.  Learning to let these things go sooner rather than later has helped.  The distract your mind for two minutes is a good technique.

The loneliness portion was good too.  Although it is not as easy to take this away, at least in my experience.

Blaine and I went and picked up supplies for a project for his environmental science class.  The online course was down this morning so we have not done this yet.  We did however splice his lamp and the next phase will be to program the Wiimote to move the cables to connect and disconnect.  I hope he will continue on after that so that we can have his phone connect via Bluetooth instead of the Wiimote.  And if we are extremely lucky, we will take it to the next step and automate is so he can control it via the web.  Oh yeah the beginning of home automation.  I am dreaming of course but it is a fun dream to have.

Yesterday was a roller coaster day.  One exceptional thing was God gave me the ability to brighten someone’s day.  What a joy.