Effective Solutions

One of the ideas I have been processing for a few months is starting another business.  My thoughts had initially been focused on finding something I could do in Port Arthur.  I have bounced ideas off people since November of last year and prayed quite a bit about it.  I have people who are encouraging me in specific avenues which is really good for my soul.  The problem is that God has not opened the opportunity to start a business in Port Arthur yet.  I keep telling Him – I’m ready, let’s go!  He keeps telling me to be patient.  OK so you see the problem isn’t God but me.

Developing effective solutions requires a thorough and precise understanding of a specific problem, because knowing that something needs to be done and knowing what to do are often two different matters altogether.
–For The Least Of These​: A Biblical Answer to Poverty

I have been reading that book (For The Least Of These) and it has just fueled the fire.  But the solution has to be the one God has and not the one I have.  So I patiently wait and pursue the avenues of service that God is opening up for me.  His solution will be the most effective solution.