Easily Forgotten

Some things are easily forgotten.  Like victory.  A victory from Friday based upon Joel 2:13.

Return to the LORD your God, for he is merciful and compassionate, slow to anger and boundless in loyal love—often relenting from calamitous punishment.  –Joel 2:13

I shared several stories of victory in Christ with someone at the airport Saturday.  There was even a personal victory Saturday as well and yet today all those victories seem empty.  It feels as if I have forgotten my first love.  As if I forget Him time and again.  I know this is not so.  I know the LORD is my source of strength and yet I feel defeated.  How can it take over so quickly?

I’m reading a book and one of the items it talks about is the “spirit of rejection” which I will admit has a stronghold in my life.  It is very real.  I have begun to rebuke this idea from my mind verbally if I can, silently if I must.  It works well with other thought patterns so why not this one.  It is not just a spirit of rejection that is holding me back though.  There is something else.  There are probably many more things.  But everything is cloudy.


It is interesting that there is a specific thought pattern that comes upon me and when it does I rebuke it or tell Jesus to take it away.  I know the last few times it has just been natural and victorious but I do not apply this victory in other areas.  Honestly, it did not even dawn on me that I was doing this until earlier this afternoon.  Hmmm, it must be a matter of attention.  That pattern and others have been recognized in the past as destructive.  The decision was made to address them specifically while other patterns were not addressed.  That pattern, that sin was clouded.

Interesting.  Habit forms the method of victory and yet the path to achieve the habit is lost for other sins.

The name of Jesus has authority over demons.  The blood of Jesus has cleansed us.  The Word of God is our offensive weapon.  The loyal love of God, His grace, keeps us.

I remember forgetting.  Victory is easily forgotten.