Driving Along

I was driving along a week or two ago.  I was driving from Orangefield to Beaumont and I had to thank God for always providing me with safe passage.  I’ve never been in a serious accident and I just wanted to thank Him.  It was a bit random but it came to mind and it was a good reason to talk to my Father.

Later that day on the way to lunch, a delivery truck nearly crashed into me.  They began to swerve into my lane to avoid hitting the car in front of them.  This forced me to swerve into the exit lane to avoid them hitting me.  After the initial fear was over, I smiled and thanked God again for safe travel.  Sometimes I think God does things so that I know He is listening to me.

I reflected the next morning on the entire situation.  I tried to remember if I was angry with the truck driver and I do not remember any anger.  I was just thankful to be safe.  God is so good to me.  His grace is just lavished upon me.  I will never understand.