Drive by Prayer

Pray for me. We all hear that a lot. My day is filled with prayer and I love to pray for people. Earlier this week I got a call and two ladies wanted what I will call a drive by prayer. I’m going to pull up in your drive way and we want you to pray for us because we have sore throats. I tried to explain that this is not how prayer works and they told me they understood this but it really didn’t feel like they did. Alas I am not going to turn down an opportunity to pray for people. From outside the car, I prayed for physical healing for maybe ten seconds and then pleaded with the Lord for spiritual healing for much longer. I love these ladies but watching their lives makes me sad. I gave one of them a Bible and asked her to read a book (1 John). Later I told her that I loved her and she said something like “How? You don’t know me”. I replied, “Why wouldn’t I?  You are made in the image of God.”.

That night as I went to bed, she was all I could think about as I pleaded with the Lord to change her heart of stone to a heart of flesh. People are blind and all You have to do is open their eyes, touch their heart. Please Lord. The next morning I wrote in my journal – “I ache for the souls of people.” I know everything is in God’s timing but sometimes it is painful to watch people. We plead with people to really think about their relationship with God and by all appearances they ignore your pleas. We go back to our heavenly Father in prayer – please Lord change their hearts. Only You can do this Lord.

Every name on my prayer list that day became a bit more real because of this experience. I didn’t want to stop praying for each name. Each mother, father, daughter, son. Real people made in the image of God with real problems. Real people who all have the same need – Jesus.

That night I got a text from this young lady asking about the first few verses of 1 John. I was already asleep and didn’t rouse with the text chime but when I awoke the next morning my day was brighter knowing God had moved her heart enough to read a little bit of her new Bible.  I answered her question and left it alone.  Please say a quick prayer for this young lady – that God continues to work in her heart.  Thank you.