Destroy The Children…

I saw something recently that made me think.  Many questions arose but there was one question that came into my head that really got me riled up.

Do we understand that the world wants to destroy our children?

Are we preparing our kids to fight this war?  Even when we forget to take the necessary steps to train our children, the world does not forget its desire to destroy them.

Later I read a story about parents who only fed their child once a week because they refused to finish their dinner.  I thought it was brilliantly done because how many parents believe that their children will be prepared to fight off the world when they only get one day of spiritual training a week.  Even that is pushing it because they probably only get an hour per week while the world gets dozens of hours.

What are our children’s souls worth?  What will you invest to save your children?  What will you invest to save your neighbor’s children?

Deuteronomy 6:6-9 – These words I am commanding you today must be kept in mind, and you must teach them to your children and speak of them as you sit in your house, as you walk along the road, as you lie down, and as you get up. You should tie them as a reminder on your forearm and fasten them as symbols on your forehead. Inscribe them on the door frames of your houses and gates.

Are our children’s souls worth more than one hour a week?  Are they worth any of your time to sit with them and teach them?

Parents prepare your kids.