Dependence is not easy for me in times of peace.  I find myself feeling less reliant on God, less desperate for Him.

Last night, I could have fallen.  His grace was sufficient.  As I went to sleep and when I awoke, I asked to be kept safe the rest of this weekend.  Even now I ask.

I have been reading “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris.  I am almost 50% done.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It does not match up to “The God Delusion” but thus far it is the second most mentally stimulating book I have read in the past two or three years.

We know, for instance, that no human being creates his own genes or his early life experiences, and yet most of us believe that these factors determine his character throughout life. It seems true enough to say that the men and women on death row either have bad genes, bad parents, bad ideas, or bad luck. Which of these quantities are they responsible for?  –The End of Faith

Here I read that although Sam Harris is an atheist, he is also a Calvinist.  Yes, that amuses me greatly even though it is not true.  Which of those qualities are we responsible for?  Why were you born here and billions of others were born into different circumstances?  Luck and chance?  I’ll go with grace but you can have luck and chance if you like.

Each morning as I read more of his book, I am amazed at the patterns I can extrapolate from his words.  They are beautiful and well organized.  Quite brilliant if you ask me.

Given the magnitude of the real problems that confront us—terrorism, nuclear proliferation, the spread of infectious disease, failing infrastructure, lack of adequate funds for education and health care, etc.—our war on sin is so outrageously unwise as to almost defy rational comment.  –The End of Faith

I could not agree more, our war on sin is outrageous.  Christians want to legislate their morality.  I suppose we all want to legislate our own morality.  It is rare to find a rational discourse on a topic such as this, if the media is to be believed.  I can hear at least one person’s voice in my mind now (not your’s Lisa).

Are we a Christian nation?  Many say we are.  I am not so sure we ever were.  I am not sure we should be.

Where will the war of ideas be won?