Dens Of Iniquity

There is a bit more in chapter 29 of On Christian Doctrine by Augustine but this gave me pause.

For in the theatres, dens of iniquity though they be, if a man is fond of a particular actor, and enjoys his art as a great or even as the very greatest good, he is fond of all who join with him in admiration of his favorite, not for their own sakes, but for the sake of him whom they admire in common; and the more fervent he is in his admiration, the more he works in every way he can to secure new admirers for him, and the more anxious he becomes to show him to others; and if he find any one comparatively indifferent, he does all he can to excite his interest by urging his favorite’s merits: if, however, he meet with any one who opposes him, he is exceedingly displeased by such a man’s contempt of his favorite, and strives in every way he can to remove it.  –Augustine of Hippo

We, of course, all have our own theatre replacement.  Locally it would be sports with a focus on football.  Not everyone obviously but we can see the excitement around sports and a lackluster excitement around God, the God who made heaven and earth.

Chapter 30 is also good so you can read that too.