Dazed And Confused

I guess I will write this post again.  I’m not sure why it did not post earlier and I had to run to an appointment or two so I did not have time to write it again until now.  It seems I am more confused than normal.  I wrote about things being defined.  Relationships need to be defined.  Errors need to be defined.  When things are defined then we have a clearer picture of how to proceed.

This past weekend I upgraded my computer to Windows 10.  The first two times I tried I got this error.

windows10errorI know what you are probably thinking to yourself.  “Paul, this error is clearly obvious.  Any nitwit could figure that out.”  Unfortunately for us all, it is just not that clear to me.  But the good thing is, eventually the definition of things become clear and we move forward with an understanding.

I was able to determine how to overcome this obvious error (obvious to others) and get Windows 10 on my computer.  Now I can say “Hey Cortana” and have my computer respond to some commands.  I use it to play and pause music.  High tech you see.