Grace.  This word is by far the best word in my life.  The kids know what it means to me.

Earlier this week I was in a one-on-one Bible study with someone when grace came up.  I talked about those moments when I have been overwhelmed by His grace.  It leads to a time of worship like no other in my heart.  These are the moments that I wish could be shared with those who do not know His grace.

Then yesterday during men’s group, one of the men said he wasn’t sure he really understood grace.  I am sure he does not understand it.  I suggested that he study grace.  He looked at me and said something like “I wouldn’t normally do that but you said it with such conviction that I will.”

I suggested we study grace in our group.  They said we would start when I get back from Africa so I looked up a few books.  One of the books I found was titled “Charis: God’s Scandalous Grace For Us”.  Ericka saw it and questioned it.  Normally scandalous is used in a negative connotation which threw her off.  But God’s grace for us really is scandalous.  I know I do not deserve it and yet I have it.  It is unbelievable.  It is scandalous.

I didn’t buy the book.  I have to finish one of the books I am already reading.  I am so tired.