Just Delete Them All

I just deleted three unpublished posts.  The words were good but not complete.  I would say life has been busy but that would be a lie.  Life is life.  Busy is a state you put yourself into.

Much continues to be accomplished.

Last year I was asked to serve on the National Relay Online Leadership Team.  I wasn’t sure what I would be doing but recently, due to restructuring, the leader of Online Recruitment was let go from ACS.  They asked for a volunteer and I was the only one to step forward.  Who wants more work?  Repeat busy is a state you put yourself into.  I have already been thinking new thought patterns.  Very fun.  I got a spreadsheet of the events from across the nation without an online chair – over 2800.  Last I knew there were less than 5000 events so over half do not have someone in this position.  I could not share all the patterns here.

Nothing going on with Jux on Mission right now.  I look at the mind map regularly but God hasn’t opened anything up.

Several good happenings at Jux.  Looking for more opportunities to grow.  Many new possibilities.  No new thought patterns that I can recall but old ones being looked into again.  New patterns will emerge some time.

LOVE Like Him Ministries made good progress.  A meeting tomorrow.  I hope another one next week.  And then for sure on May 13th.  This gave me a good thought pattern that has continued to use my brain even while trying to sleep.  So many ideas to put together.  Exhausting but exciting.

I went to my sister’s this weekend.  One full day of no thinking about any of those things so it was a break for my brain.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of rest.

In a few weeks I meet with a pastor about a trip to Africa in February.  Kara doesn’t really know what to think just yet but I think God may be aligning this trip for me and the kids.  If so I will be so thankful to God.  If not, then I will be a different kind of thankful.  This pastor also told me about a trip to India in September but I can’t make both trips.  At least I do not see how I can.

Our local Relay event isn’t to far away.  Found out news today that will effect the event in two years so it gives us time to prepare.  Someone will not be leaving the event but not able to participate at the same level as they currently do.  Honestly steps were already being taken to help this situation.  Sadly one of the older teams (been in existence since our event began 20 years ago) will not be there this year.  The lady who has run it is too old and has been in the hospital at least twice this year.  No one else will step up to lead it.  This may be the last year they turn in money to the event as well.  They are a large team that raises around $10,000 so it will be a loss but it happens.

I know there are a few other things but I am going to be done for now.  I wasn’t able to pray or read properly so I decided to write.  Now I will try to pray again.

And Then There Was St. Louis

So I travel to St. Louis Friday.  Return Saturday.  They asked me to be on the National Online Leadership Team (NOLT).  It is a new team and I’m not exactly sure what our goals and purpose are, which means I find out this weekend.

My daughter is in charge of Relay Online for our local event this year.  She may be poised to help me depending on the level of expertise needed and if I need help.  I believe I am going to be responsible for all the events in the entire division.  Not maintaining them all mind you but helping to support the Relay Online chairs for those events.  This seems a bit daunting given the number of events and the lack of volunteers but that is how it goes.

I wanted to get Blaine involved as another Relay Online volunteer also but he does not have any desire right now.  It isn’t YouTube so it isn’t life.

I have not really considered any other people because I have not thought about them.  I suppose that once I have a better understanding of what I need I can recruit people as needed.  This means more social events where I engage with people.  If I wasn’t tired enough.  It will be good though.  I have been working on making effort in this area of life.  And well there will be good reason to make said effort.

Removing the 5 Point money we received, our event just went over $5,000 for our new year which started September 1st.  That’s pretty good.  I’m hoping we can get $20,000 before the end of the year.  My goal is $350,000.  The official goal is much less.  The official goal is actually a reasonable, achievable goal.  But I do not have to be reasonable.  🙂

I really need a nap.

Posting Prohibited

I wanted to post something this morning.  I’m sure it was brilliant but my site was being moved to a new server so I refrained.  Now I do not know what I was going to write about.

Got very little sleep.  Went to be at 9.  Woke up at 9:37.  10:17.  1 something.  3 something.  Many other somethings in between.  I asked God before I went to sleep for some sleep, rest, peace.  I do not mind having all these things but I would love to let them go so my body can be rested.

Then all day at a client.  I left a little early due to exhaustion.  Then I got maybe three minutes with my head on the desk.  It was nice.  But the biggest thing was I did not have to use my mind.  After that there was the Relay For Life kick off.  The turn out was great.  Free pizza from Dominos – we buy all our pizza from them anyway but I imagine we will get some this weekend just to show our support.  I’m just telling myself that so it is one less meal I have to prepare.

Now I wait for the laundry to be complete and get in bed.

Last night was a child causing harm to himself, someone losing their child due to negligence, drug issues, money issues, marital issues.  Those were the ones I remember from last night.

I got to see my girls last night too.  It was good.  I have a date with Aubree next week.  I’m not sure what she will want to do but I am excited about it.  She hasn’t been able to play games the last two times they came over because her mom is talking about life so this will be a night just for us.  I bet I can make this happen more often.  I’ll just need someone to remind me.

I think the laundry is ready to be moved to the dryer.  The bed awaits.  I’ll bring my journal just in case I need to write.

RelayCon 2015

Well RelayCon 2015 was exhausting.  I acquired many ideas.  My mind was still racing last night.  I was exhausted because I slept very little.  Of course that began before RelayCon so I cannot blame that.  Last night I slept through the night.  No 10pm, 1am, 2am wake up calls.  Slept until 3:45ish – it was beautiful, wonderful sleep.

Now I have to organize the ideas, determine which ones to begin implementing and who to approach with the ideas.  I have a lofty goal for this year.  Every dollar counts!

There are many other things in my head of course.  Outside of Relay.  One day I may even address them.  :/

Relay Time 2015

Well I know you have been anxiously awaiting this year’s Relay harassment. I have been wondering what the best way would be to trick you out of your money, I mean trick you into donating it to the American Cancer Society. This year instead of joining up with Kara, we have created our own Relay team – Jux The Nerds. At first it was just the people at the office, then I stole one of my kids away from Kara and then stole the next one. They actually wanted to move to the nerd team because they are nerds like their papa. Now we need your help to defeat, umm, raise more than Kara and her team. I’m not saying that we are better than she is but we are so much nerdier than her and her team. There really is no competition.

Now as you know, nerds have social inadequacies so we really need you to think about helping us with a donation of any size. Kara has thousands of friends while we have tens of friends so the larger the donation the better! As it stands Blaine has raised $200, Kristen has raised $192, I have raised $159, and Kara has raised $158. No, I did not make a donation just in time to put me one dollar above her. OK never mind I did do that. You do not have to donate to me specifically both kids want to crush, ummm, raise more money than their mother. This will give them bragging rights for years to come. Well at least until next year’s Relay comes around. So as you are contemplating that donation please remember that the money you donate goes to both patient services right here in Southeast Texas and research that benefits all cancer patients everywhere.

Please rest assured that we will work tirelessly to separate you from the money you work so hard for. It is really not that much work because we are nerds and can automate most of the notifications we send out. Blaine is working on creating alarms on your cell phones that continually go off until you make that donation and Kristen, well, her plans are a bit more devious so just trust me when I say don’t mess with her nerd powers. There may be some of you who cannot afford a financial donation and we fully understand this. But if you cannot make a financial donation we expect you to visit us Relay night which is Friday, April 24th at Nederland Bulldog Stadium. You have plenty of advance notification so block off your calendar now.

Click here to donate today! OK you can click there anytime to donate.

Relay Robot

Seems my sister was involved in a conspiracy to get me dressed up like a computer for Halloween.  Donate now and enjoy the pictures of me dressed like this guy later.  The goal is $500 and they have only raised $30.  I’m feeling pretty safe so far.