Care Nothing About You

In Jeremiah 12 and I see Jeremiah lamenting about something all (almost all?) the elect perceive in the world at one time or another.

You plant them like trees and they put down their roots. They grow prosperous and are very fruitful. They always talk about you, but they really care nothing about you.   –Jeremiah 12:2

Why do evil people flourish in the world Lord?  They do not even need to be evil to the point of murdering, sexual immorality, or some other “big” sin.  The whole idea that people talk about God but really care nothing about Him is evil.  With most (if not all) people you can tell the difference.  When people have been given new hearts by God through Jesus, you see the excitement when they talk about “their” Jesus.

Mrs. Jones visited me last week with a computer problem.  I was sharing with Ericka my first meeting with her which was several years back.  I was unloading the computer out of the car and said something like “What a beautiful day God gave us.” and we were instant friends.  We talked about God for at least an hour and a half that day.  I knew God had changed her heart the same way He changed mine.

I was just trying to reflect on my life prior to God saving me by grace alone.  That was actually me.  I did not even realize that I cared nothing about God.  What a strange memory.  It almost seems foreign now.  As if that was not even me.

I looked in my journal a few months back and found the day I claim as my salvation.  It was July 3rd and 4th, 2011.  I left church service and wept for the people worshiping America.  One thought I had was: how did we come to this point where America is our god?  From January 2010 to July 2011, I talked about God a lot but my heart had not been changed.  I did not know that I cared nothing about Him.  I might as well have been worshiping America like the hundreds of others in service with me that morning.

That was good for the soul.  I like to remind myself often that I was once as they are.  My redeemer had not yet given me a new heart and so I pray for all those lost souls who really care nothing about the Lord.  I pray God changes their hearts.