Can The Church Help?

A recent article in my feeds was titled “How Can the Church Help Those Battling Same-Sex Attraction?”

The first thought that popped in my head was the church can help homosexuals by helping heterosexuals with their sexual immorality problems.  That is a bit more organized that the actual thought pattern but the pattern did not form in my head in sentence form.  So that is the best translation I can give you from head to written word.

Yes the Bible says homosexuality is a sin but the Bible also says that adultery, fornication and other forms of sexual immorality are sins.  I sat in a class one time where the discussion seemed to go on endlessly about how horrible homosexuality was.  At some point I got frustrated and asked why this was such a hot topic when the people in the class (as far as I knew) were not struggling with homosexuality in their lives but with other forms of sexual immorality, specifically pornography.

I do not mind calling a sin a sin but honestly this gets tired.  The world does not want to call sexual immorality a sin and from what I can tell a large population of people who attend church feel the same way.  You have your sexual immorality and I have mine.  If we are not willing to stand up and assert God’s Word as the authority we live by and under then what are we doing?  This means we clean up our own house first right?  The world should see us striving for purity, for holiness in our own lives.

Do not misunderstand.  We still strive to bring others to Christ while cleaning our lives up but in love not condemnation.   The Holy Spirit may convict someone through us, by many methods of course, but isn’t love a better way?

Personally it seems more likely that I will know or be introduced to a man who enjoys his time at the strip clubs or with pornography before someone with another type of sexual immorality.  What if I approached this man the way Christians are perceived as dealing with homosexuals?  Is that type of behavior on my part working towards bringing him into the family of God?  Is it just a distraction to make “Christians” feel good about themselves?  Is this sin more offensive to an infinitely holy God than the lie you and I told today?

I need God’s grace.  I need to give the grace He gave me to others.