By Your Mighty Power

Today I was supposed to pray Psalm 58.  I’ve been praying (as best I can) a Psalm each day but Psalm 58 does not lend itself well to prayer.  What do you do with “he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked”?

Thankfully God also had me in Jeremiah this morning.  And Jeremiah 32 is full of great words of prayer.  It really starts about verse 17 and continues (for the most part) to the end of the chapter.  Some of it is Jeremiah praying and other parts are the Lord speaking but they are great words.

So many things happened yesterday.  I thought I was emotionally drained around 11 but it turns out I was not empty yet.  God had a lot more planned and He never left me empty.  By the end of the day, I knew my blessings were beyond measure.  You really have no idea how blessed I am by my Father.  I could go on forever (maybe even literally).  Even with the sadness, I have seen it.  Held on to it as best I could.  I suppose the more honest wording would be I held on to God or, better yet, He held on to me.

We really have no idea what is planned for today but we know that “You show unfailing love to thousands.” (Jeremiah 32:18)  And God “takes delight in doing good” (Jeremiah 32:41) to His people.  Oh I wish I could share all the words from that chapter with you.  Just go read it.  Maybe a few times.  🙂

I do indeed feel the sadness looming in my soul but I know that God will hold on to me regardless of my emotional state.

So how pray tell did I pray Psalm 58?  “Lord, may my life glorify you.  Amen.”