But She Forgot Me

In Hosea 2:8-13, the prophet talks about discipline (or maybe out right punishment).  The Lord will take back His grain (v. 9).  He will put an end to all her celebrations (v. 11).  He will destroy her vines and fig trees (v. 12).  And still the Isrealites forgot the Lord.

“I will punish her for the festival days
when she burned incense to the Baal idols;
she adorned herself with earrings and jewelry,
and went after her lovers,
but she forgot me!” says the LORD.

Hosea 2:13

From time to time, I am involved in a conversation about the “dumb” Isrealites.  We tend to ask how they could have rebelled from God when they had examples of miracles in their daily lives including provision of their basic needs – manna from heaven and water from a rock.  Yet we have the same tendency.  God has provided us with life and everything we need and we turn away from Him every chance we get.

I tend to forget the gifts He has lavished upon me, like the Israelites forgot.  And He eventually reminds me through discipline, like the Israelites were reminded.