But No One Told Them

I have a nice little white board from yesterday.  I have two actually.  I started the second one with a clear idea but as it was created, I lost the purpose.  There was good data so I took a picture.  I supposed it will just stay there until the purpose is found.  That’s always a good thing.

The first board started with the word “Path”.  So I asked the question: “Where is the path to God’s glory in my life and in my business and ministry?”

That is a good question.  I was able to create a small list for each of them: life, business, and ministry.  I was able to find a few clear discernible steps to take.  I was also able to find steps to take but with no path to get to those steps.  They seem to be five steps ahead of me – too far to jump.  Plus normally you can’t skip ahead like that.

I should probably start a new board with the idea of getting to those steps.  It wasn’t a lack of trying yesterday – promise.  If I were going to put together pieces that may not actually go together, I would say that these steps are not possible at the moment.  I would say that they will become possible in the next few months.  Maybe as early as January 2016 but probably not that soon.  Life is the game of waiting, right?

The holidays take away our structure.  I know it comes each year.  Just one reason my demeanor changes.  I think that will be something to work on.  Good idea.