Business of Business

I have quite a few business ideas.  Some of which are very good, others normal, and some not as good.  (They could be all bad – who knows.)

The desire to start another business is strong in my blood.  It it probably a contributing factor of my poor sleeping pattern because my mind is racing and racing.

If I could, I would start three or four businesses right now (OK so more like 14) but that is a huge commitment in both time and money.  Money I don’t have and time that would require sacrifice in areas I don’t want to sacrifice time.  So I am focusing on what I consider the best idea I have.  I hope to have a meeting with someone this coming week to determine if they are interested.  If so then I will have a meeting with one more person who has already shown interest and establish a plan.

I already have mind maps and spreadsheets.  The fun only grows from here.

Yes, I know you might be asking – is this God’s will?  And it does not feel wrong but it does not feel right.  I told God to kill the idea if it wasn’t His will.  That really would make it easiest on me.  I told Him to make sure my mind is focused on what He wants for me.  We shall see how it turns out.

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  1. toworreed2sleep May 11, 2014 / 11:50 am

    It’s hard trying to decide what is best. A brain full of ideas and things to do, but which ones to go forward with? I know the feeling. (Don’t laugh! I do!)
    I sit idle many days because the list of things I want to do is daunting. How to take the first step?
    Good for you, you’ve done it! And now you roll the dice; God will take you from one space on the game board to the next..He will see that the number you roll gets you to the right property or Chance card that you need.

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