Break Every Chain

Our life cycles are a very interesting thing to study. One of the ladies I know sent me a text last week. Part of it said “I want to win him back to Jesus and I can’t do that acting like a whore.” I talk to her about the cycles of her life often. One of the things she does is sleep with someone and then after they break up she decides she loves her husband and wants to bring him back to Jesus. It is never about her own relationship with Jesus. She is quite cold towards Jesus (her words) but still wants to “fix” others without “fixing” herself. Do not misunderstand, I believe these two things go hand in hand. As you are working out your salvation with awe and reverence, you will be “fixing” both yourself and others (Jesus is actually doing the work). The question is how does she break free? How do any of us break free?

I would love to give her and many others an answer to this but I have not been able to break my own cycles. I have written a lot in my journal over the past four years or so and see the loneliness cycle quite clearly. There are other cycles of different frequencies as well. I know they exist and even when some will occur. This year I prepared myself for the loneliness that consumes me on Thanksgiving but it still hit me pretty hard. Last night as I stared into the darkness and thought about what to write this morning a song came into my head that we actually sang at church Sunday. There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. Lord, help us break every chain by the power of Your Name. (Elohim!)