Blue Like Jazz

I have had people recommend this book (Blue Like Jazz) to me many times over the past few years.  One person in particular has recommended it at least three times.  I am not sure if she even remembers recommending it.  So someone gave me a copy yesterday and I began to read it.  It is an easy read and I am enjoying it.  With permission to write in the book, I made notes this morning.

The author tells stories from his life.  They have contained good tidbits.  But then I hit chapter 11 this morning.  I had to hold back tears.  I could feel the weight growing as I progressed through the chapter.  I think that is called conviction.  *sigh*

One thing that has been on my mind a lot the last few weeks (not a new thought) was that it is about people.  Earlier in the book this line hit me.

“Interacting with these guys showed me how shallow and self-centered my Christian faith had become.  Many of the students hated the very idea of God, and yet they cared more about people than I did.”  –Blue Like Jazz

They cared more about people than I did.  I fear not seeing people.  I also fear forgetting people.  Sadly there are just too many.  I forget too often and I am blind more than I care to admit.  Honestly, I try not to let it effect me too much.  I try to be in the moment and love the people I am with.  To listen to them, celebrate their joys, and share in their pain and heartache.  I am sure God is there using me even when I mess up (which I am thankful for).

I look  up just now and realize it is 8am.  I woke up this morning after getting in bed too early (8:45) but not going to sleep until 9:30 or 10.  I rolled over and did not want to look at the clock but I did and it was 3am.  I had thought it would be 2am and I was thankful it was an hour later.  I thought I should close my eyes but I knew sleep would not come but prayer did (at least to some extent).

Now five hours have passed.  I think I have been slightly productive with my time.  I have a few hours of classes for Google Certification I want to knock out.  I also want to finish this book.  I used a shovel yesterday and I plan to use it again today.  That was different.  It has been some time since I used a shovel in America.

Yes, lots of time today.