Apart From Me

In John 15:5 Jesus says “apart from me you can accomplish nothing”. It is your responsibility to read it in context but the words are clear from just this short passage. John 5:19, John 5:30, John 9:33 – all say basically that Jesus can do nothing apart from God. There are other scripture to further develop this truth. The word “nothing” is an absolute and used in each of those passages – the Greek word οὐδέν is used in those passages. I’m not sure what is meant by this absolute. I am curious if you are as confused about what “nothing” means as I am.

Maybe we can hash this out. Maybe Jesus meant that most things He had to rely on God for but there were some things that He could do on His own. Yes, that must be what Jesus meant. It is clear that “nothing” in this case means something completely different than what we currently understand it to mean. While we are redefining the meaning of words, let us now say that grace is no longer a gift but a work. Now that we all feel better because we can work our way to heaven we can move on to better theology.