And Then There Was St. Louis

So I travel to St. Louis Friday.  Return Saturday.  They asked me to be on the National Online Leadership Team (NOLT).  It is a new team and I’m not exactly sure what our goals and purpose are, which means I find out this weekend.

My daughter is in charge of Relay Online for our local event this year.  She may be poised to help me depending on the level of expertise needed and if I need help.  I believe I am going to be responsible for all the events in the entire division.  Not maintaining them all mind you but helping to support the Relay Online chairs for those events.  This seems a bit daunting given the number of events and the lack of volunteers but that is how it goes.

I wanted to get Blaine involved as another Relay Online volunteer also but he does not have any desire right now.  It isn’t YouTube so it isn’t life.

I have not really considered any other people because I have not thought about them.  I suppose that once I have a better understanding of what I need I can recruit people as needed.  This means more social events where I engage with people.  If I wasn’t tired enough.  It will be good though.  I have been working on making effort in this area of life.  And well there will be good reason to make said effort.

Removing the 5 Point money we received, our event just went over $5,000 for our new year which started September 1st.  That’s pretty good.  I’m hoping we can get $20,000 before the end of the year.  My goal is $350,000.  The official goal is much less.  The official goal is actually a reasonable, achievable goal.  But I do not have to be reasonable.  🙂

I really need a nap.