Always More Projects

So I have a special project I have been working on for Kristen for a few years.  Another one I started for Blaine about a year after that.  A different one I started for Blaine earlier this year.  And just nine days ago, I started yet another long term project.

This most recent one will last at least one year.  I may do it again but I cannot say for sure.  I thought one year would be a good place to start.  Originally I was not planning on writing each day for this project but I have not been able to stop.  *sigh*  But when this project is complete, there will be much joy.

After I get done writing for this project, finding words for my own self are much more difficult.  Lack of words difficult.  Even now writing this, I am struggling for words.  And there is another project that I have in my mind to begin.  By that I mean a project for a specific person but the project is not defined.  Without a defined project, obviously I cannot begin.

I do not want to duplicate the other projects.  It has to be special for that person.  So this one may not begin for quite some time – maybe two years out before it begins, if it begins at all.

Friday and Saturday were filled with Whimsical.  Saturday I had to go into the cast party to see Kristen.  It was quite taxing and I was asleep early that evening.  This means I was up at 2am.  I honestly did not think it was going to take that much out of me.  I deduced that it was based upon unpreparedness and once I realized where I was going, lack of prayer for strength.  So next time if the situation arises where I am unable to be prepared, I just want to remember to pray.

Learning about prayer has been fun.  One day I might actually know something.  🙂