Always Changing

Life is constant change, right?  A week or two back I heard this comment about a grander vision in a video.  The most recent Sunday I had some clarity and began working on this grander vision.  I wish I could say what exactly the vision was but the good news is I know what direction to go.  So I’m going to head that way and when I get there I will know what God’s grander vision is.

It is interesting because in this case I do not know what the end goal is.  God doesn’t always show us that but just wants us to trust Him while we are going through it.

There is another issue in my life where I can see at least part of the plan God has.  I voiced this plan to the person directly involved but I do not think she was listening.  She heard me of course but she doesn’t want anything to do with Jesus right now.  I am fearful she will never want anything to do with Jesus again.  Of course I cannot save people or change them.  This might be why it sometimes feels like life is a bit aimless.