All I Have

Simple words.  We combine them to form ideas.

Don’t tell me that this isn’t real
Don’t tell me this ain’t how I feel
This is all I have. All I have

Words are simple.  Ideas are not necessarily simple.  All I have.

Sunday as I was lying in bed, I was just talking to God.  There were many words but as I went to sleep I told him that I would be OK if He was all I had.  It is good when you can say that and mean it.  I do not feel this way as often as I should.  I do not feel that way now.

Prayer is such a personal thing.  Earlier this week someone stopped by with a laptop problem.  I got her laptop fixed up and she sat there, hesitant to say something.  Then she told me she won a book and God had told her to give it to me.  It was strange because she has never been shy about sharing things even with regards to faith.  She told me the enemy was working on her.  I thanked her and then I had to share a story with her.

In October of 2011, God told me that 2012 would be my year of thankfulness.  In October of 2012, God told me that 2013 would be my year of faithfulness.  In October of 2013, God told me that 2014 would my my year of love.  In October of 2014, God did not tell me anything about this year.  I felt a bit blind wondering what God had planned.  But earlier this month (October of 2015), God told me that 2016 was my year of prayer.

The book she won and God told her to give me – The Battle Plan for Prayer.

After I told her that story she teared up.  God works that way but the enemy works against us.  Even in a strong and seasoned Christian like her, the enemy will work to defeat us.

I am not sure what that means next year will look like.

Heard a generic prayer this week.  I was shocked when I heard it.  Now the next conversation I have with this person will be about books (if I can swing it).  That will be fun.

I finished two books this week.  The one I finished yesterday was short – only about 120 pages.  And I only got one new one.  Does that mean I can get another one?  That sounds exciting.

Had a date night with my other daughter, Aubree, this week.  It was such a joy.  She was a completely different girl.  She has always behaved with me but this was beyond anything I had ever seen in her.  I am so thankful for whatever God has done in her life.  I can’t wait for our next date.

I know there were dozens of other things that happened that can point me back to God.  I have much of it in my journal but these were on my mind to share.