All God Can Handle

Will God ever give you more than you can handle? I read an article Sunday titled God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle. If God gives you more than you can handle, then you are forced to rely on Him. And this may be the very reason He does give us more than we can handle. As you may know, I fight depression. Many months back I had to stop praying for God to take away the pain and pray that he would be with me through the pain. Saturday as a wave hit me my first thought was “God is with me through the pain”. It is not often the first thought but the sooner the thought comes the better. I cannot get through this on my own. He is the only one I can rely on.

I have been thinking a lot about the question from last week – how can we be the hands and feet of Jesus if we are not the eyes and ears too. That particular story was about a woman in church who was trapped in slavery and no one knew. She put on her mask and hid her real pain. So many people wearing masks – the slave, the abused, the addict, the depressed. It is difficult to take off the mask so we can be loved unconditionally. The shame we feel in our slavery, abuse, addiction, depression prevents us from receiving the love we need. And it is difficult to pierce this mask in others so we can love them unconditionally.

I do not need you to fix me.  The sex slave, abused, and addict do not need you to fix them either.