All Empty

I kept thinking about what to write this morning.  No words would really come to me so this will be less organized than normal.  Yesterday was a good day with very little to no sadness.  This morning the lack of sadness made me sad as if I was addicted to the feeling which makes me more sad.  Self-fulfilling prophecy?  Amusing how the mind works.

Social engagements today with good people.  And I think there may be opportunity to talk deeply on the things of God.  That will be nice if it occurs.  I’m sure I could rile up some church people by saying I’m a Calvinist.  Always a good time.  Plus it forces people to think deeply which many do not want to do.

There are many stories from the past two days that I cannot share.  That is why the words seem empty to me.  God might allow me to share them in the coming days but not yet.  *sigh*  All empty…