Afraid Of The Words

My mind has not been clear for months.  Even during the 110 days, it was not as clear as I wanted it so in the darker times the fog is thick.

I read sentences several times and still miss critical words.  They are completely wrong.  I wrote something last night and was just disappointed in myself.  If these had been among hundreds of words, it would have been a bit more understandable but it was among dozens of them.

I thank God regardless.  I have remembered (again) to ask that my life glorify Him, that He provide my daily bread, and that He forgives me and helps me grow into the likeness of His Son.

It has been a good few days of talking to God.  Less than a week of this.  It would be great if He would make it a habit in me.  A heart of thankfulness for what I have.  The bounty.

I am still afraid of the words so I will stop here.