Absolutely Futile

Absolutely futile!  Everything is futile – Ecclesiastes 1:2.  I decided this means that apathy is OK because there is no point in anything.  Eat, drink, and be merry because tomorrow we die.

You know there are so many verses in the Bible being used in this manner.  Saturday and Sunday my apathy was very strong.  So strong in fact that I made myself believe this lie.  This delusion did not last too long but longer than it should have.  Even now it lingers in my mind and soul.  One of Jonathan Edwards resolutions is to trace back evil actions to their original cause.  I realize this is sin brought on by selfishness but was there a trigger in my life that caused this?  So, not only do I have to guard myself against false teachers using the Bible out of context but also from self-deception.  The Adversary knows God’s Word and uses it against us.  That is a frightening idea.

I do not find it coincidental that this morning’s chapter from Disciplines of a Godly Man was on the discipline of perseverance.  Whether our sin is jealousy, pessimism, lust, pride, anger, lying, or any number of others, we persevere.  We must persevere.