A Gift Every Day

At the end of December and the first of January, I started asking someone about the gifts God was giving them each day.  It became sort of a game.  Sometimes they would ask me but I usually can answer the dreadful “I’m alive” and that is gift enough.

Of course this is a horrible way to live.  I’m not sure how to change this but I think I should try.  No I’m not going to share each day because I doubt I can handle that but I would like to share today’s gift.

I had to pickup 10 lunches from the boy scout fundraiser that my son was participating in and took them over to Bethany’s house.  They usually have a zillion mouths to feed, well only seven but that’s quite a few.  So I see Abbee, Eli, and even Patience but no Aubree.  I figure she is playing in her room or whatever then I get a text message.

Hi paul this is aubree I’m in my room if you want to come see me I’m trying to keep the baby asleep

I know that it is just a silly text and of course I wanted to see her.  And she wanted to see me too.  She continues to amaze me and I love her more each day.  I snuck into the room and talked a bit while the baby slept on her.  What a great gift that was for me.

Tomorrow will bring another gift.  Not sure what that gift is yet or if I will even recognize it but we know it will be there.