A Fun Game

I do not know what fun games other people like to play but I like to play the maximize time game.  When I walk in the door after work, how many steps do I need to take to accomplish the things I need to accomplish.

Set my crate down, pick up water bottle, walk to sink, preheat oven on the way, arrange bottle to fill with purified water, go to fridge and select food, prepare food, stop water before it overflows, complete food preparation, prepare coffee, walk to room, change out of work clothes, bring dirty clothes to wash on way back to the kitchen, and the tasks continue on until they are complete.  As I do this I like to determine if there is a more efficient way to accomplish these tasks.  I recognized that I do it subconsciously but if I put forth some effort I can typically find a better solution.

It is difficult to remember to do this during every project during the day.  Sometimes I get busy and start thinking about other things while working on the project at hand.  I know that is OK.

As a child I liked to take the clothes out of my drawers and refold them.  I did it over and over again.  My sister was a baby so I had to be five or six years old.  That was a fun game too.

Later, I would guess eight to ten years old, I remember going to the store and getting M&Ms.  This was back when they had the really good but very rare light brown.  Those were the best but there were usually only between one and three per bag.  Once the red and blue M&Ms came out the light browns went away.  It was a sad day for me.  Anyway, I would maneuver the M&Ms in the bag in such a way that I would eat each color in order from greatest to least quantity.  I wanted to eat the best last you know.  I would typically eat the dark browns first as they were most prevalent.  When the M&Ms were too low in the bag (I did have small fingers), I would tear a small piece off so I could reach in.  This was also part of the game.  I loved to count the colors and tear the bag.

If I ate a color out of order or missed one, I would get quite upset with myself for not noticing.  My problems go way back you see.

I wondered why the people who made M&Ms would distribute the colors in unequal numbers?  I was not a big fan of Skittles (I would eat them of course but I much prefer M&Ms) but the distribution of Skittles was more equal across multiple bags than the M&Ms.  Since I did not eat those as much I had to count them from bags my cousins got.  Now I know you might believe that this would skew the numbers and over a smaller set it would but the larger the set the more you can see the distribution was equal.  It was all very interesting to me.

The games we play.

I was reminded of Twist-A-Pepper recently.  Maybe that can be part of the next set of memories I share.  I think I already shared the Monopoly story but I should share the business game story in real life one time also.

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