A Fumbling Fool

Several years ago I wasn’t really a big advocate of evolution or creation.  Then I read an article and realized that evolution does not match up with what the Bible says.  I remember sharing that article with a few people and having a good discussion.  As I was reading “God Is Not Great”, I found this.

Those who have yielded, not without a struggle, to the overwhelming evidence of evolution are now trying to award themselves a medal for their own acceptance of defeat. The very magnificence and variety of the process, they now wish to say, argues for a directing and originating mind. In this way they choose to make a fumbling fool of their pretended god, and make him out to be a tinkerer, an approximator, and a blunderer, who took eons of time to fashion a few serviceable figures and heaped up a junkyard of scrap and failure meanwhile. Have they no more respect for the deity than that?  –God Is Not Great

That is a very good argument to convert Christians into creationists or convert evolutionists to atheists.

My favorite part was “a blunderer, who took eons of time”.  All I could think was something like “Yeah, I believe God used evolution. I know He is God and all but well He had to use this way to create the world and all the wonderful things in it.  He needed help.”  You might as well not believe in God.  God is sovereign.  He can call things that are not as if they already were (Romans 4:17).  Yes, I know this isn’t good proof for an atheist.

While we are talking about this, we can discuss Genesis being an allegory.  This seems to be a popular statement for Christians who want to believe in evolution.  If Genesis is an allegory, then where did original sin come from?  Did it evolve too?  How many eons of time did that take?  Is your God a fumbling fool?  Does your God hope that you make the right decision?  How sovereign is your God?