A Big Idol

One of the big idols in my life was (is?) family.  Prior to my divorce I had made family my god.  After my divorce, God opened my eyes to this.  He continues to open my eyes to this idol (and others) in my life.

The past few days I have been going back to basics.  I suppose it started with a podcast on Sunday about the Lord’s prayer.  Or was that Monday.  Yes, it was Monday.  I have seen the spark in my heart and pleaded with God to fan it into a flame once again.

This morning as I was reading Psalm 7 and not too impressed with my options for praying, I read the first verse of Psalm 8.

LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory in the heavens.

This reminded me again for at least the second time today that God should receive all the glory.  I told you the basics.  Hallowed be Your name, Lord!

Then people came to mind and I see their problem with the family idol.  It is so obvious that I’m not sure how I missed it for all this time.  [Yes, I realize that part of the reason I have been blind is my lack of caring for people over the past few months.  I have plenty of my own problems.]  But now that I have seen it, how do I, in love, tell people to examine their lives for this idol?  When I say people, I mean many people flashed before my eyes.   Even now they continue to enter my mind.

One of the meth girls I know had a baby earlier this year.  CPS has been called on her many times by many people – even random people seeing her abuse the baby.  She does not have a home.  She lives with random people, jumping from place to place.  CPS can’t catch her – she jumps to the next place as soon as CPS learns where she is.  I do not know where she is.  All I get are the stories.  It is sad.  Last night’s story…more of the same.

So we pray.  Pray for babies.  Pray for parents.  Pray for families.  Pray for God’s glory above all else.  Pray for His glory to be made known in all things, in all situations.  Hallowed by Your name, Lord!