110 Days

Well it was good while it lasted, right?  *sigh*

Is it best to just embrace it?  Ride the waves instead of fighting against them.  Fighting is of little to no value anyway.  It is particularly difficult today because it has been some time since the pain has lasted this long.  It began Saturday.  The fault is mine but it was not intentional (not that it matters much).  Sunday I was able to subdue it, mostly.

Today not so much.

Now I sit in my office listening to Portishead.  With words written on actual paper.  I dream of a person that wants to talk about something deep.  The Moral Landscape would be a good topic given I’m reading that book now but any topic of greater depth than the weather would be acceptable.  I suppose that is not easy to come by.  Polite conversation and all.  It is like slow starvation.

There is a conference call in about an hour.  I’m on the agenda.  I suppose that means speaking.

It seems like a cruel joke.  I have a great selection that I want to post tomorrow and the quote itself isn’t as amazing as a few others I have highlighted lately but my snide comment amuses me greatly.  This of course means I cannot post it.  To many misinterpretations of words.

I have attempted to recall a point where I counted that high.  I just cannot say.  It seems unlikely because of my counting system.  I remember I could count like clockwork when contact would occur.  Always less than 7 days.  Then we went to 8 days.  It was quite a wonder.  It never exceeded 12 days – at least to my recollection.  It would be interesting to count another contact but I did not find value (fun) in it.

Last week I had an interesting question about women preachers.  I told the person if they were not willing to submit to God’s Word when they found the answer, it was pointless to ask the question.  They responded of course but only the one time.  Once scripture began to be discussed, the correspondence ended.  Honestly, I expected it.  They know the answer.  It is like the one thing in all our lives where we know and do not “accept” it.